[Guest Post] YuMe on Mobile Video Advertising Technology

Smartphone penetration is currently at 53% compared to last March when it was recorded at 39%. This resulted in smartphone penetration growth of 24% over the last 14 months. People are now spending on average of 84 minutes a day on their phone and are no longer just texting and calling. There is a whole new wave of activity around people watching video and using social media and mobile applications, which presents new opportunities for customer engagement and understanding. Research from a recent Nielson study suggests that people are now viewing more video on their Mobile/Tablet device compared to PC on a monthly basis.  Looking at a study of what people are doing whilst they are on their phone or tablet it was found that TV and being in bed indexes high.

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YuMe is a Video advertising network; the largest pure play video network in the US across Connected television, Online and Mobile. They are currently achieving 2 billion impressions a month and some of their publishers include MSN, FOX News and CNN. YuMe broke into the European Marketplace through an acquisition of a company called Appealing Media, that has been established for 2 years and specialize in Mobile Pre Roll Video. YuMe’s Current reach is 1 billion display impressions across Europe and 30 million Videos. In the UK the current reach is 500 million display impressions and 20 million Videos. Some of YuMe’s Publishers include Top Gear, ITN, ESPN, GOAL.com and Shazam. YuMe have just moved into the Connected TV audience in the UK becoming Samsung’s exclusive Partner and having inventory on LG smart TVs achieving 5 million banner to video impressions a month.


YuMe has the largest offering of Mobile Ad Formats available through any mobile network; from the Market leading Interactive Pre Roll to Banner to Video and everything from Rich Media Expandable Banner.  We specialize in video advertising across three screens, Mobile, Online and Connected TV.  YuMe’s network runs multiple ad formats in the same content environments, delivering a 70% unique network across publishers like Top Gear, ESPN, ITN, Bauer and IPC (over 125 publishers in the YuMe Network).



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