Despite huge awareness, Iceland had problems. Confused shoppers, negative perceptions and a firm alliance with celebrity endorsers who did not ring true with the ‘mum’ of the household.

At the beginning of 2015 the7stars set about changing the brand’s identity through a radical rethink of its brand behaviour to accompany a new, better-defined role for itself in people's everyday lives.

A year on, shoppers knew about the #PowerofFrozen, but we wanted to go further to make them aware of the benefits frozen food brings.

The Brief

Iceland challenged us with delivering a campaign to cut through the clutter and educate on the range and quality of Iceland’s food, while resonating with ‘mum’.

We needed a proposition that would communicate why frozen is better in a more meaningful way than could be delivered by a TV spot.

What We Did

Previously, Iceland had not been in a position to talk about the quality and range of its food, as trust and perception for the brand were at an all-time low. It needed a powerful voice to do the talking; to bring advocacy and trust to a brand that was struggling to standout for quality, value and convenience, especially among younger, millennial mums.

Recent research reveals the overall most-trusted information source for mums is other mothers, with 63 per cent believing information passed on by their peer group over any other source. And online video is seen the most trusted media type for millennial mums, with 35 per cent trusting it above any other. Combining the two gives a powerful, authentic and trust-based format.

the7stars brokered an exclusive deal with vlogging platform Channel Mum using real millennial mums, in a media first for the supermarket industry.

The campaign challenged perceptions around frozen food by highlighting the store’s healthy and upmarket – but affordable – offerings. It was also the first from a UK high street store to harness the phenomenon of mum-to-mum horizontal marketing – dubbed ‘recommendation’ by marketing experts.

The campaign amplified the high-street favourites existing #PowerofFrozen activity by asking mums to share their own favourite frozen food meals and food hacks each week on #FrozenFriday, to coincide with the release of a new weekly video.

The Results

#PowerofFrozen vlogging partnership has successfully reached millions of mums and challenged frozen food perceptions. ChannelMum viewers are 75% more likely to consider shopping at Iceland after the initial campaign. Of those people, 27% had already been in store.

Nick Canning, Joint Managing Director of Iceland, said: “Channel Mum, their vloggers and the refreshing honesty they bring to all their opinions provide a perfect partner for us to change the way people think about frozen food.”

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