The Current Account Switch Service makes switching your current account between banks and building societies simple, reliable and stress-free. The service is free-to-use and available to individuals, small businesses, charities and trusts.

The Brief

The Current Account Switch Service was launched in 2013 to simplify the switching process and has switched over 3 million accounts since then.

This campaign had two KPI’s against all current & business account holders age 16+

1) To increase and maintain awareness of the Current Account Switch Service above 75%
2) Increase confidence in the service - belief that it delivers a simple, reliable and stress-free service

We also had a brand new creative to embed into the minds of the nation. The Switch Guarantee Guy (SGG) made that easy by utilising a sonic mnemonic technique. SGG sung along to the well-known “Shaft” theme tune, overdubbing “Switch” & confidence proof points e.g. “simple and it’s free”.

What We Did

A sonic mnemonic significantly impacts recall, so it was critical that our media recommendation made the most of the creative. Our solution was to use media channels and formats that are “sound-on” environments – this meant video and audio ads only, and no static outdoor, print or digital display advertising.

Furthermore, our media needed to convey confidence, so we used the most trusted media brands (e.g. YouTube, ITV, Guardian), channels (e.g. TV, Social) and, where possible, larger formats (e.g. Cinema, 40’’ TV ads, TV Roadblock).

SME’s were identified by the CMA as an important sub audience to communicate to the service to. For the first time in three years the broadcast creative communicated both “current and business accounts” and this was further supported by a bespoke SME campaign using the same techniques alongside full page print ads in key publications and smart targeting online using third-party data sets.

We referred to Google search trends around Current Account Switching keywords to help us identify seasonality around interest in switching. The campaign was live September – November 2016.

The Results

All campaign metrics around reach and frequency, listen-through rates and completed views exceeded forecasts and benchmarks.

Both awareness & confidence rose significantly during the campaign period, with awareness reaching an all-time high.

In particular, SME’s significantly lifted in confidence and awareness, more than any other demographic.

Further inspection of the awareness & confidence by demographic identified deficits in certain audiences – “financially disengaged” who will become a priority audience for 2017.

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