Suzuki’s fame has grown amongst a family audience over the last few years, largely thanks to their ongoing partnership with Saturday Night Takeaway and Ant & Dec. 2017 posed a new challenge as the car brand had a new model to launch - the Suzuki Ignis. This new addition to the Suzuki line-up is targeted to a younger, female audience. A first for the brand.

As a model, the Ignis is a rule breaker. It falls outside of the traditional automotive segments, so naturally an out of the box solution was needed to establish and explain the model to this younger, more elusive audience…

The Brief

We’ve set out to support the launch of the all new Suzuki Ignis in a fun an engaging way in order to drive awareness of the model, and entertain audiences in the process.

What we did

The Ignis is not for the faint hearted, its small and mighty but packed with personality and a keen sense of adventure. Who better to demonstrate this than two of the biggest personalities on Channel 4 and E4.

Partnering with Channel 4 and The Outfit, Suzuki have created a series of comedy ad spots fronted by familiar faces - Katherine Ryan and Mark Francis.
These are no ordinary TV spots - across the month of May, a narrative unfolds that follows the comedic adventure of Katherine and Mark as they are tasked with finding their way back to the comforts of home in a Suzuki Ignis, with only each other for guidance.
The #IgnisAdventure TV spots are supported with additional online content that is released across Suzuki’s social channels, a behind the scenes look at their trials and tribulations that unfold along the way.
To complement the activity, Suzuki are challenging two of their influencers to an #IgnisAdventure of their own. Like Mark and Katherine, our two influencers will be dropped at an undisclosed location and will be making their own way home. The sat nav is off limits so they will be relying on their own nous, and a little help from their friends along the way. This content series will live online and be released across Suzuki’s social channels.

The Results


Case Studies