The Vision Visionary (AV)

The Dedicated AV Person – 4+ Years Experience

Hi, I’m what my client’s like to see as Mr/Mrs Vision. There’s so much discussion in our industry about the ‘death of TV’ (thanks, in part, to our industry’s obsession with driving more and more budget into digital) something I find bewildering given the fact that I know that the work that I do for my clients drives real businesses results …but that said there’s no doubt that, in today’s world it’s all about the role of AV not just TV. Of course nothing stays the same in this constantly changing’s something I have to keep on top of which is why I like to be seen as our very own ‘vision visionary!’

My life at The Bountiful Cow gives me the freedom to truly understand our clients’ business. Whilst most of my time is spent managing my client’s activity it’s important that I get out of the office and build strong relationships– be it with my day to day clients or building the strongest and most valuable relationships with our industry partners (media owners, tech suppliers and our agency friends). The nature of my role dictates the need to understand how and why the work that I do influences other channels. I believe that we are only as strong as those around us – there is no way I could do this job on my own…being a strong team player has been critical to my success. That’s why when I’m in the office – I never wear headphones – Henry would not be impressed. If I need space and time to work alone and I can do that wherever I chose – office time is for sharing learning and working as a team on our client’s business challenges.

My success has been built on continuously caring about the detail and being obsessed with ensuring that the work that I do is directly attributed to how our client’s business grows. From DRTV, to Brand TV to online video everything has a role. I work across a range of clients. From those who need me to work hand in hand with their call centres  become part of the extended performance team and help them deliver the right leads at the right time, to clients who want me to help make their brands famous through the power of broadcast, my job is never the same.

My fundamental belief is that, amidst the world of ever increasing automated trading, the human touch matters more than ever. Whilst my world continues to embrace the power of technology we all know that it’s that human insight and analysis is more important than it ever was. We must only ever do what’s right for the client – no share deals, no rebates and no hidden margin.

I’ve worked in the industry long enough to build great relationships with the media owners and be respected as one of those that’s ‘up and coming’ or ‘one to watch’. I’ve also gained the experience to understand there is much more to working in media than just a salary, I thrive in working in an autonomous, fun and dynamic environment where I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty and mucking in with others.

But most importantly of all – I love working in this industry, it should be fun as much as it should be hard work. Working at the UK’s newest independent has given me the opportunity to get my work life balance right – I’m truly the master of my own destiny

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