Passionate People deliver quality service.

Our clients choose us because they get a team working on their business that is not just highly competent, but is also passionate, committed and energetic. This can only be achieved by highly motivated individuals working in an inspiring environment. That’s why we invest so much into creating a unique culture at the7stars, and why we are in the Sunday Times Best Small Companies league for the last 6 years.

The Best Rates Come Without Compromise

We don’t do agency deals because we don’t want to compromise our clients’ budgets. Instead we negotiate every single plan – ensuring the best quality and the lowest rates. It’s harder work for us, but the results speak for themselves – better value, better quality and no compromises.

Great Campaigns Look Forward Not Back

There’s never been a more exciting time to work in media and communications. Whether it’s a brand new platform, or using technology to enhance traditional media, we constantly look for new opportunities for our clients. All of our clients’ media plans evolve, innovate and test new channels.

Insight Can Turn The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary

Campaign strategy and insight drives all of our recommendations. We have a rigourous planning approach that combines data with idea generation and helps us to come up with campaign plans that are both effective and creative.

Case Studies

Foo Fighters

Rock ‘n’ roll ain’t gonna die

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Ed Sheeran

Launch of his third album – Divide.

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