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Commerce Uncovers: Spice Up Your Shopping With Shoppertainment

Are you starting to get bored with your usual shopping experience? Whether you needed to spice up the way you buy or not, shoppertainment is coming to give shoppers an experience to remember by using immersive and interactive digital experiences.

Originating in China to reach shoppers in the midst of the pandemic, and successfully growing there, this is a trend that European consumers want too, as more than two-thirds express interest.

Shoppertainment is proving to be great for consumer engagement and impulse purchases through the use of interactive content, such as livestreaming, games, pictures and videos.

Shoppertainment’s reported success makes it attractive for more brands to jump on the bandwagon and try out the livestreaming or a more interactive experience on their shopping sites and apps. This trend is also fuelled further by other developments in the industry, such as increase in video communication and online content consumption, and the rise of short video formats, which contribute to consumers’ shifting preferences to live and video engagement.

For European consumers, the preferred product categories for exploring through shoppertainment are electronics, fashion and cosmetics.  They also favour content that is short (less than 10 minutes long), trustworthy and contains practical information, such as returns and delivery times.

This could be a major opportunity for brands who prefer to be at the forefront of new developments, try new techniques to reach and engage customers, and are able to create a truly engaging omni-channel experience.



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