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DCM Rolls Out Cinema TVRs

As the AV space evolves and more players enter the market, the industry continues to find new ways of combining all media metrics, making it easier for advertisers to see the complete AV picture. In the past, we struggled to align cinema with TV/BVOD due to differences in measuring metrics. Cinema relied on admissions while TV preferred TVRs or GRPs. However, all of this is about to change with DCM introducing 'Cinema TVRs' to align with TV measurement, making it more comparable to other AV media.

DCM has collaborated with PwC, the main contractor for BARB, to develop an IPA-accredited gold-standard research and frequency model that integrates new data into their Touchpoints Channel Planner. This collaboration allows DCM to work alongside their internal planning system, enabling them to achieve reach, frequency, and TVRs for the first time based on inputs such as admissions, campaign period, and demographic audience. As a result, AV planners and agencies can now build complementary AV schedules using the same language for cinema as they do for TV.

By utilising the TVR data, it was revealed that Spiderman: No Way Home was the most-watched title in 2021, achieving a remarkable 32 '16-34 TVRs' in the first 28 days alone. In addition, Avatar: The Way of Water emerged as the most popular title in 2022, garnering 15 TVRs among 16-34 Adults. To provide perspective, the 2022 Semi World Cup Final between England and France attained the highest TVRs of 17.8 among 16-34 Adults, demonstrating that cinema can compete with significant cultural moments on linear TV and reach younger, more casual TV viewers.

This new cinema data will be available from 18th July on the dedicated 'Cinema Data Hub' within Adwanted's connected platform, which also facilitates access to other media and audience viewing data from organizations like BARB Audiences. Additionally, as of 6th July, DCM has launched, a website that consolidates all their key resources in one place.

With cinema often being perceived by advertisers as a 'nice-to-have' and frequently the first media to be removed from overall plans, this development marks a significant steppingstone in highlighting the importance and scale that cinema offers. We will now be able to compare top TV shows with top cinema films in the same manner, allowing us to sell the potential and excitement of incorporating cinema into a comprehensive AV plan.