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How Gen Alphas are Moving the Music Industry

Move over Gen Z, there’s a new kid in the block. Expected to reach a population of 2.2Bn by 2025, not only are Gen Alphas predicted to be the largest generation in history, but their music listening behaviours are also shaping into the most unconventional habits ever witnessed.

Gen Alphas adopt a ‘new to me’ mindset

The world recently rediscovered Kate Bush’s hit single ‘Running up that Hill’, boosting it to top of the charts 37 long years after release in 1985. This was chiefly driven by its feature in the Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’ before Gen Alphas amplified its success on TikTok.

This is simply one example of how Gen Alphas are diversifying music consumption in the modern age, by redefining what new music means to them. the7stars’ latest whitepaper ‘Streams Like Teen Spirit’ names this the ‘new to me’ phenomenon where Gen Alphas refer to ‘new music’ as any record that presents a fresh discovery to them, disregarding eras, or release dates.

Besides crossing eras in music, Gen Alpha’s are also set to be the most genre blending cohort with 4 in 10 of 7–14-year-olds agreeing that they have a wide taste in music and clearly showcasing this generation’s complexed ideation of their personalities (as expressed by their eclectic music tastes) and their ‘lean in’ approach to music where they actively engage by listening and sharing music with others.

Shaping the music industry to be more mosaic than tribal

On one hand, this way of curating music has uncovered new opportunities in terms of partnerships and sponsorships for brands and artists alike. For instance, the crossover between the gaming metaverse and music has seen acts like Travis Scott breaking records with his 10-minute virtual concert that was watched virtually by millions of gamers. However, it also points to a challenge for brands where it may be harder to predict Gen Alpha’s consumer behaviour as they choose to behave in a less tribal way and follow individual interests instead.

Making it harder for brands to relate to these eclectic individuals

This means that for brands who aspire to be category leaders and innovators, digging right into the heart of Gen Alpha’s motivations, attitudes and personalities will become even more important. As trends become more volatile, capturing the essence of a generation becomes a more exacting challenge.

Growing up in an intricately connected and information-rich digital environment, this generation differentiates itself as complexed and individualistic. Whilst the world focuses on Gen Z as society’s cultural powerhouse of the moment, Gen Alpha’s unique personality profile and role in forming future trends calls for brands to take a closer look into their world before they redefine the cultural zeitgeist.

Have a listen to our Streams Like Teen Spirit podcast that explores the impact of Gen Alpha and their relationship with music and technology.

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