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Reflections and Resolutions in Marketing Effectiveness

Effectiveness underpins all great media plans. The question that normally springs to mind, however, is what makes one plan more effective than another? There are many answers to that question although, ultimately, measurement lies at the root of them. To drive better effectiveness outcomes, we at the7stars think it’s also important to overlay the context of key priorities for brands, agencies and media providers.

This year we set out to understand how to create a roadmap for effectiveness for ourselves and for our clients at the7stars. We conducted research that surveyed 103 senior industry professionals – across brands, media agencies and media providers – who shared their feedback on marketing effectiveness ambitions and priorities for the year ahead. Our research shows that data siloes, a lack of holistic measurement frameworks and a disconnect between marketing investment and objectives top the list of marketers’ challenges for the year ahead. 8 in 10 agree that effectiveness has never been more important, nor higher up the CFO’s agenda.

With the measurement and evidence available to marketers, we believe this is an opportunity, not a threat. Guided by new year quantitative and qualitative research of the advertiser, agency and media owner effectiveness communities, we at the7stars have drawn up our effectiveness resolutions for 2024. We aim to improve client effectiveness outcomes by:

  • Providing strategic glue in a fragmenting measurement landscape.
  • Unlocking the power of existing evidence to de-risk investment.
  • Using experiments strategically to drive competitive advantage.

Looking Forward

The full report adds further colour around the outcomes, but what’s been evident from our research is that there is a clear opportunity for intentional effectiveness programmes with our clients. As a part of this journey, we have codified our point of view on the most important effectiveness topics and will use this knowledge to continue to partner with clients to drive stronger business outcomes.

Our full report breaks down these three resolutions and offers solutions in more detail.

Please email for a copy of the report.