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Super Bowl Ads 2024: Celebrating Brand Love on Game Day

Get yourself a client that looks at you like Travis Kelce looks at Taylor Swift. 

Quarterback, star wide receiver and tight end meets global mega pop star. Oh, for a creative client with pockets deep enough to treat you to a Super Bowl spot. Relationships are everything in this game. No more so than on this very specific given Sunday. And, whilst it will never guarantee a lifelong relationship, a stonking Super Bowl spectacular will at least declare that you’re in the ‘rude health’ phase of love.

It wasn’t a vintage year by any means, but today is not a day for thoroughly reasonable critique and barely masked creative jealousy.

There were some serious PDAs on display this Super Bowl Sunday and here are three that caught our eye across a crowded room.

Let’s start with the very definition of a ‘love in’ using the obligatory Super Bowl superstar formula courtesy of this Boston mafia uber ‘throuple’ - Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Tom Brady. Ben and Matt have been infatuated with Tom for many years now and seeing their relationship brought to life (not to mention the star-studded entourage that accompanies them) means there was an awful lot of love in the room. Brash branding, lots of content and plenty of in-jokes, what’s not to love?

Reese’s and their agency are way past courting; this spot was love at its purest.  A refreshingly simple love letter in a sometimes needlessly complex forum. The news of a product change among lovesick diehards sparks fear, chaos and sweet visual gags. Repeat as necessary until the confusion is cleared up. Job done. The key is in the detail here and the love for the product is there for all the world to see. American agencies doing what American agencies have always done so well. Relax, tell it like it is and be funny.

Everybody’s favourite Allan took centre stage in the ad for skincare brand CeraVe. Michael Cera played Michael Cera with tongue firmly in Michael Cera’s cheek. A smart piece of social intrigue led to this love fest and, whilst it’s probably only a one-night stand, the relationship must be on a strong footing if the brand is confident enough to let that happen with the eyes of the world upon them.

Clearly, the true test of love will be how many brands continue their undying love for the other 364 days of the year but, at least for Sunday alone, Super Bowl agencies still love Super Bowl clients… IDT… INDT (If Destroyed, True… If Not Destroyed, True).