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Superficial Intelligence

In our quest to embrace the potential of Chat GPT and other AI technologies, we find ourselves inundated with curated social posts and articles, all offering advice on how to optimise our usage or warning us of the impending threat of job displacement by robots. It's time for a grounded assessment:

First and foremost, the capabilities of AI are truly remarkable. Without a doubt, it represents one of the most significant leaps forward in human progress. From the unravelling of DNA's mysteries to the advent of email, from CGI wizardry to the ubiquitous presence of smartphones, and even the convenience of pre-sliced bread, we've witnessed transformative innovations that redefine our behaviours and expand the boundaries of our achievements.

However, let us also acknowledge that we have merely scratched the surface of AI's potential. The evolution of AI technology will undoubtedly continue its upward trajectory. In the future, we may look back fondly at Chat GPT, akin to reminiscing about the days of dial-up modems, as a symbol of our nascent understanding. Similar to the triumph of Gmail over Hotmail and the rise of Facebook eclipsing Friends Reunited, we find ourselves in the early stages of embracing AI, with a palpable sense of excitement pervading the air.

As natural innovators within the media and creative industries, we are quick to experiment, explore, and harness the vast potential that AI offers. Just as we have done with groundbreaking tools such as Apple Mac and Adobe, we strive not only to comprehend AI ourselves but also to effectively articulate its possibilities to our inquisitive clientele.

At this juncture, AI presents an array of remarkably impressive collaborative tools. However, it is imperative to recognize that we remain the architects, instructors, and fine tuners of these tools. Contrary to misconceptions, AI is not a silver bullet rendering human effort redundant. Similar to how the advent of printers revolutionized the workplace, or the gradual obsolescence of cheques with the advent of BACS, or how maps have been supplanted by mobile devices, AI represents progress in various realms.

Effective communication inherently requires the involvement of at least two human beings—one to transmit an idea and another to receive it. Even as we leverage sophisticated automatic hardware and software solutions in the ideation and dissemination of our creative concepts, it’s vital to differentiate between intelligence and creativity. Regardless of the speed and ingenuity of AI, the ultimate assessment of its effectiveness lies with us—the discerning arbiters of quality. In essence, the enigmatic 'ghost in the machine' remains precisely that—a ghost.

Or, as our new (yet appallingly named) ally, Chat GPT, puts it:

“The integration of AI into our creative processes enables us to tap into a vast well of knowledge, ideas, and perspectives. The "ghost in the machine" metaphor takes on a new and exciting dimension as we witness the collaboration between human imagination and machine intelligence. By harnessing the power of AI, we can unlock new levels of creativity, fuel innovation, and push the boundaries of what is possible in art, science, and all realms of human expression.”

Is it succinct? Absolutely. But it may lack the endearing typos and the personal touch of subjective opinion, in our professional opinion.