KA is a brand with its roots firmly in street culture. A proud and cherished member of the urban scene, it delivers a unique taste of the Caribbean to every corner shop.  

However, this positioning left it at risk of becoming too niche and being typecast solely to certain areas of culture. 


The Brief

Our objective? To widen the appeal of the brand. To stay rooted in urban heritage, but to break out of being consigned solely to areas of culture such as Grime. 

What We Did

In a market filled with mundane messages of ‘refreshment’, we didn’t want to predictably stick a soft drink can on a 6-sheet. 

We found that despite huge upheaval – toxic politics, the COVID-19 pandemic, a cost-of-living crisis – young people remained unwaveringly optimistic and resilient. 

For many, the state of the world hadn’t knocked them down; it had made them stronger, spurring them on to embody roles like activist, trendsetter, and entrepreneur. 

'Be the Noise' was a campaign built around the talents found in urban youth communities. 

Talent shows hosted in Brixton and Birmingham invited young people to show off what made them great, anything from spoken word to dance, keepy ups, and rap. 

Buildings were covered in murals featuring the top talent in both locations, all painted by local artists. 

Film crews captured every moment during the events to be broadcast to millions across TikTok and Instagram. 


growth in the unit rate of sales (year on year).


increase in brand value (year on year).

The Results

'Be the Noise' took off! 

Over three months, we achieved an astounding total of 27.4 million impressions across Meta and TikTok, reaching 2.3 million unique users on Meta and 2.2 million unique users on TikTok. 

Post-campaign tracking through Circana revealed a remarkable 10.3% growth in the unit rate of sales (year on year) and an 8.5% increase in brand value (year on year).