The Challenge

In the red corner, weighing in at far too many pounds, is Just Eat. As an early mover they’ve grown to dominate the category and in 2018 had a whopping 64% share of voice.

In the teal corner is Deliveroo. A young pretender to the title, with just 36% share of voice but great expectations of growth.

Our Approach

The Brief

Just Eat may offer food from most kitchens in your area. But chances are, at least a few of those places you’d never really consider ordering from. In many areas increased choice comes at the expense of quality.  There’s a joy of food at the heart of Deliveroo. The business knows offering variety and choice is important to growth, but a love for food done well is an important distinction which avoids us being seen as just another Just Eat.

We were tasked with creating a campaign to clarify this position in consumers’ minds in the competitive heartland that is London.

What we did

Time Out is seen as having a discerning opinion on food. A positive review from them is a stamp of approval for a restaurant.  We wanted to take advantage of their trusted voice, and loyal food-loving following. But as a delivery service it’s hard to bring food credentials to life, Deliveroo don’t cook the meals. We had to show people that we know good food, and work with the best restaurants.  Together we took the most popular dishes on Deliveroo and created events which paid homage to doing them well. A series of four food fights which invited London’s top Burger, Pizza, Fried Chicken and Ramen restaurants to battle it out and be crowned the city’s best.


Battle of the Burgers kicked the series off. Followed by Pizza Prize Fight and the Fried Chicken Fight Club, before London’s best Ramen joints fought out the Battle of the Broth.

For a £20 entry fee, guests were able to taste food from 8 top kitchen’s pitting their signature dishes against one another. A prospect which literally had people stampeding towards their favourite stand.


After each dish people were asked to rate the food on a taste-o-meter. At the end of the night, full of food, and beer from the resident bar, the crowds were able to cheer as their winner was crowned. Each event was promoted through the Time Out magazine, website and social channels. Time Out then ran articles on each event profiling the competitors and winners.

The Results

 5,000 visitors, demolished 35,000 food portions, bringing in over £82,000 at the gate alone.

Post event research found 83% of attendees liked or loved the event and saw a 26% increase in purchase intent among attendees. By contrast, 40% said they’d never order from Just Eat. We received 4.6 million print impacts over 15 issues and reached 2.7 million people across social channels. The campaign was such a success, it has become a major part of Deliveroo’s strategic approach and returned in 2019.

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