The Challenge

The bingo category is cluttered, with sites offering similar games and prizes making it difficult to differentiate. Because of this, bingo players are very fickle, moving site based on offers and even an ever-elusive sense of “luck”. For Foxy Bingo, the only recent marketing support had been DRTV, and with only 2% SOV this wasn’t generating the traffic needed.

Our Approach

The Brief

Despite having the 3rd highest awareness in the category, Foxy Bingo had a problem – Bingo players rejected the brand. Foxy had the lowest consideration amongst competitors (Nov19) and Bingo players didn’t know what we stood for. We needed to find a way back into their lives, increase consideration and become the go to destination for Bingo players.

What we did

Using our brand tracker, we dug into what differentiated existing Foxy Bingo considerers from rejectors. The results were conclusive: bingo players who rejected Foxy were four times more likely to not know what the brand stood for. In contrast, those who considered Foxy Bingo seemed to relate to the personality of Foxy himself. They were three times more likely to see the brand as “friendly” and twice as likely to see the brand as “fun”.

The role for media was to show bingo players what Foxy stood for. We were lucky to have a strong brand asset in Foxy himself, but we needed to build his personality as a familiar and friendly, fun character, who you would be happy to spend your weekend days with.

In order to drive consideration and traffic, we aligned the brand to friendly weekend fun by sponsoring Friends on Channel 5, a partnership that delivered through the line, transforming Foxy’s marketing calendar – Friends filtered into everything from a licensing agreement with Warner Bros, player presence at Friendsfest, an on-site game, and a wider TV plan which was built around the property.

The Results

The results were phenomenal for the brand and the business, surpassing all client expectations. Foxy was the only brand to see year-on-year improvements to consideration – up 19% (May20). Monthly new users and monthly site visits both doubled!

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