The Challenge

The recipe box category is in its infancy, so it’s no surprise that awareness of the category as a whole is low. However, despite this, it’s a category that is growing incredibly fast, and so has become hugely competitive with new entrants arriving all the time. Everyone in the category is talking about the same thing; price, discounts and introductory offers. Everyone is chasing the bottom of the funnel.

Our Approach

The Brief

To make Gousto stand out we had to look and behave differently. We had to make people aware of Gousto’s amazing product, not its price. We set out to do things differently to the increasingly manic crowd – To advertise where and when others weren’t. To avoid the pure DRTV game and tap into how people really feel about food. ‘Unbox Possibility’ became the campaign focused on the ‘feelgood’ emotions of unboxing this great potential – realising you can cook delicious, home-cooked meals.

What we did

The Unbox Possibility campaign was a category first: it ran without a promo-code and instead pushed the brand. We cherry picked TV programming to reach our audience. Programming fell into three pots: high end food programming, entertainment and appointment to watch drama. Crucially this meant advertising in peak while our competitors were busy using only cheap daytime TV. The campaign was supported by OOH, online video, and social to reach a core audience. Although these channels are used by competitors, Gousto continued to push a brand message and unlike their competitors, did not include a promo code.

The Results

The brand-led energetic and ‘feel-good campaign exceeded all expectations. It significantly increased brand awareness, while also driving quality sign-ups. It was Gousto’s most successful campaign to date.

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