The Challenge

The high street is in trouble. Established chains are shutting up and the squeeze is being felt by all. In fashion retail, the biggest threat is being forgotten or overlooked. Fashion is about making a statement: what we choose to wear reflects how we want to be perceived.

Our Approach

The Brief

Despite dwindling budgets, it was critical that Jigsaw could stand out from the competition and communicate exactly what their brand does stand for.

Jigsaw had a creative to do exactly this. ‘♥ Immigration’ wasn’t designed to be overtly political, but a statement of fact about immigration’s importance when sourcing the materials, talent and ideas which fashion relies on.

What we did

While creatively we may not have been making a political statement, we knew that to make the most of our budget we could learn a lot from recent political campaigns. So rather than a fashion campaign, focussed on the same old magazines, we set out to create a movement. To mobilise a group of followers and create a wave of positive opinion behind the message. If we could succeed in doing this we’d see the campaign spread beyond the confines of its budget.

To kick start the movement we had to get it noticed. We needed our ‘big red bus’, something that could become a centre of focus, a reference point for the rest of the campaign:
1. An Oxford Circus Underground domination gave our message an unmissable presence in a key shopping area with extremely high footfall.

With our message proudly plastered across Oxford Circus’ walls we needed influential voices to rally behind it:
2.Social influencers from the world of fashion were enlisted to pay the site a visit and to take pictures of the posters in-situ. Their Instagram feeds were filled with emoji laden stories celebrating the ads they’d just seen.

Positive stories of the ads were now circulating on social channels so we activated the next element of our plan to super-charge their spread:
3. News environments made the message feel relevant and of the moment, appearing alongside ever-present Brexit related coverage. Double-page spreads and online takeovers across the Evening Standard, Guardian and Times gave us standout against a vocal group most likely to get behind the message.

Images of our adverts were now in full flow, being shared online and written about in news environments nationwide:
4. We partnered with another of our clients, Ancestry, to further feed the news cycle. Ancestry’s recently released DNA product estimates people’s origins to more than 350 countries. The partnership saw Jigsaw staff take and share their results of Ancestry’s DNA test. Providing a wealth of new content for social channels and further highlighting that we all owe a little something to immigration.

The Results

The campaign truly went viral, delivering 50 million impressions. Over 90% of them in support of our message. We generated a huge amount of earned media, from 19 individual publications writing about the campaign (total audience 241 million) to endorsements from MPs to artists. Standing out on the high street also translated to sales. We saw an 87% increase in sales of the Autumn-Winter range after the campaign launched.







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