The Challenge

Running from Boxing Day until early February, the Turn of Year sale is a pivotal time for Sandals & Beaches, offering luxury holidays to the Caribbean with up to 45% off, with an extra £600 off for a certain number of days. With ongoing political, social and financial uncertainly dominating the press, the travel market is a sector which was starting to see the strain.

Sandals & Beaches challenged us on how to increase year on year growth from both a sales perspective, as well as increasing the average order value per booking.

Our Approach

The Brief

Our core challenge was getting noticed in a cluttered market – this is an extremely competitive time in the marketplace as many other travel brands are also live with sales during this period. We not only had to drive standout, but also ensure we were driving a YoY increase in sales.

What we did

We implemented Facebook’s Dynamic Creative Optimisation functionality across Paid Social for the first time. This allowed us to use machine learning to dictate which creative composition was delivered to each user. We set the campaign up to optimise towards one of the final booking stages; due to the high-value of each booking, naturally a Sandals holiday is a considered purchase, so we had to speak to users at a higher point during the booking process. This way to optimise also enabled us to have further data points to utilise within the bidding process creating a larger pool of opportunity. Past learnings have informed our planning that Sandals don’t deliver the volume of sales needed for the campaign to get out of the learning phase during our activity, which allowed us to report back on a sales KPI to the client.

The Results

This campaign was the best performing Sales campaign the7stars have delivered for Sandals.

YoY we saw 156% more purchases and a 53% lower CPA. As a result, revenue also increased by 184%.

Sandals have continued with this momentum and after a deep analysis by the7stars on the trends of the top conversion driving creative mix, we have now fully rolled out dynamic creative across every other campaign.

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