The Challenge

In 2018 Twining’s launched a completely new product (Cold In’fuse) and category meaning a whole new audience: With most new FMCG products failing within a year the challenge was on.

Our Approach

The Brief

Twinings has been innovating for over 300 years. They launched the first tea house for women in 1706 and invented Earl Grey in 1831. This same innovative spirit is alive in the brand today. In 2018 Twinings launched an entirely new product & category: Cold In’fuse – the UK’s first ever range of cold-water infusions, designed to shape up the way the nation drink water. NEW PRODUCT, NEW AUDIENCE, ENTIRELY NEW CHALLENGE. Many new products are designed for a new audience and usage context, which that brand doesn’t have an affiliation with. Cold In’fuse was no different – its usage context is primarily a bottle of water on the go rather than a mug in front of the TV. We wouldn’t be able to succeed unless we could reach a new audience for Twinings and quickly influence their purchase.

What we did

Amazon has changed the way in which many people shop, and has the biggest database of unique first-person consumers in the world. While Amazon might not be the first place you’d head for your groceries, it is somewhere people buy water bottles and gym wear. As an FMCG brand, and a new one at that, we had no direct data or existing relationship with our potential consumers, But Amazon did. 68% of the UK population has an Amazon account. We would therefore use Amazon’s multiple touchpoints and data-sets to identify and re-target consumers across the full funnel. But instead of focusing on a few online grocery shoppers, we would offer prospects a water bottle with product samples included, flipping FMCG conventions on their head

As a new product and category we had to learn who was right to target on the fly. We started by creating a prospecting audience as a combination of lifestyle (Health or Tech Enthusiast) and browsing data (those that had purchased water bottles, flavoured waters, tea and cold coffee).  By the end of the campaign this included the Personal Care segment buying gym and exercise products, as well as purchases of Home Fragrance! To educate consumers about how to use the product we devised a sequential targeting approach designed to pull consumers through to purchase.   First, we created an ad-unit which took over the Amazon Fire Tablet screen, before re-targeting with a video which demonstrated how to use the product in a water bottle context. Finally, audiences were re-targeted with a “Starter-kit” message to generate a conversion.

The Results

The In’fuse campaign smashed all campaign performance benchmarks, achieving a +81% CTR and a +813% ROAS vs category for the Fire Tablet and DSP static respectively. The product page on Amazon also received 142k views over 4 weeks. Unit sales saw an 8% uplift during the promotional period, ahead of the Beverages category of 6% and in total the campaign had the highest ROI, Twining’s have ever seen. Amazon have asked to use the campaign as a blueprint for future grocery product launches.

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