With 2 in 5 Brits supporting quests to reduce our country’s meat consumption, 1 in 4 claiming to avoid meat in their diets (1) and a record number of sign-ups to ‘Veganuary’ this year, it seems like many of us are aware of both the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet.

Brands are getting on board. Marks and Spencer added a vegan range to their chilled shelves, and Veggie Pret is no longer restricted to a single Soho outlet. Ever since scientists revealed last year that cutting out dairy and meat is the single most effective way to reduce individual impacts on the planet (2), the Government has turned their attention away from Brexit for a couple of hours, to pass legislation ruling that all meat and dairy products will be banned in the UK by 2024. Announced in the small hours of this morning, it is too early to understand reactions to this major but arguably necessary change in British culture. Akin to most things in politics, it will undoubtedly be divisive.

Happy April Fool’s Day! Did we get you? Never fear, your bacon-filled hangover cures are going nowhere. April Fool’s Day is here and I’m sure many of us will be waiting to see what new technology Google is releasing today, and which food products are re-launching in new weird and wonderful flavours. We know that April Fool’s Day is a great opportunity for brands to show their playful, creative and ultimately human sides, so why is it that brands can often feel they can joke with their consumers only one day a year? Laughing is great therapy, it releases stress, increases immune cells and lowers blood pressure (3). If brands can play pranks on their customers, resulting in laughter, positive buzz and sentiment, then why not try it more often? Would you still be with your partner if they only made you laugh once a year? I hope not. April Fool’s Day lets us acknowledge that brands have personalities too, which should be showcased for the long haul, rather than a single day.

If Brits need anything right now, it’s a reason to laugh, and brands, we invite you to do just that.


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