Google Analytics 4 (GA4) represents a fundamental shift from the Universal Analytics (UA) we know. Data collection, setup, and configuration are all different. The interface and reporting are very different. Due to these crucial differences, you cannot start tracking everything in GA4 and compare like for like.

Whilst there’s a lot that has been simplified in GA4 (interface, base setup, data model), the fact that it’s so different means that you should spend more time planning your migration and learning the platform. It might take you a year to collect enough meaningful and accurate data before being able to switch over. But the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be able to reap the benefits of GA4.

Get our guide that explains the differences between key data in GA4 and UA. You will need some existing knowledge of Google’s analytics platform and an understanding of the terminology. Google is still rolling out updates to GA4 so this setup may change later on.