With many of us still suffering from our chocolatey sugar crash after tucking into a wide and wild variety of Easter eggs this weekend, it’s time to reflect on how the once simple hollow chocolate egg has become so much more. It appears that brands are now putting our sweet tooth to the test in what seems to be an Easter egg extravaganza. Each year eggs are getting bigger, better and brighter and the holiday period is no longer reserved for just chocolatiers, with beauty to clothing brands now tapping into this space.

One example of this is Lush, who this year encouraged their consumers to “forget the Easter hamper as it’s time to Easter pamper”. They brought out a wide range of Easter treats, from a sparkly gold bath bomb egg, bunny and sheep shaped bath bombs (don’t worry they are all still vegan friendly), to a chocolate lip scrub. Lush have managed to create a buzz each year around their Easter specials, with consumers eagerly anticipating their limited edition products. The popular makeup brand Revolution also got involved in the Easter fun, releasing an egg-citing eye shadow palette in a pocket-sized Easter egg shaped package.

Yet, it wasn’t just beauty brands who got creative this Easter; our favourite flat pack furniture brand Ikea also put on a show with their flat packed chocolate bunny. The bunny starts off as a small cardboard packaged box with three separate parts, and it is down to the consumer to put the jigsaw pieces together – or just eat the chocolate pieces – to form the perfect Easter treat.

Moving back to the more traditional Easter egg – the once standard hollow shell has become a work of art with supermarkets and chocolate brands alike pushing the boundaries. However, they now have to compete with a new set of competitors. One brand who took Easter eggs to the next level was Deliveroo, with their Game of Thrones inspired eggs arriving in time for the return of the final season of the show (1). Harvey Nichols had their own unique take on the Easter egg too and produced a breakfast inspired chocolate egg on toast, which found its way into Stylist’s top 30 chocolate treats (2).

Although Easter is now behind us, it is a great time for brands to think how they can tackle Easter in 2020. As Lush has proved, there is clearly room for non-chocolate brands to enter and dominate this space in their category. Who knows what eggstravagant Easter goodies we will get next year?

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