Iceland’s Rang-tan Christmas

Frozen food is often seen as substandard, with people believing it to be packed with more artificial additives than fresh food. Other supermarket chains treat frozen produce as though they’re ashamed of it, hiding it towards the back of the store and cooking from frozen is perceived as lazy and unhealthy.

In fact, the complete opposite is true. Frozen is nature’s preservative. It means fresher, healthier products on your plate. For Iceland shoppers this penny has dropped. For them it’s the best kept secret on the High St – from Chateaubriand for a tenner to real Italian pizza. We have set out to bring these ‘penny drop’ moments to the nation. Driving business growth through improving quality and value perceptions.

In Christmas of 2018 Iceland’s stance on palm oil became one such penny drop moment for the nation. With our Rang-tan Christmas creative unable to run on TV we set out to use Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to take our young Orangutan’s story to the country. A route which, thanks to some positive PR, went on to deliver 70 million views for the creative, making it one of the most watched Christmas ads of all time. The campaign saw Iceland rise above Waitrose in consideration levels and sales of palm oil free mince pies surge by 11%.