The season is finally upon us. Not spring, not summer, but the season of glorious bank holiday weekends. Easter is of course one of the most rewarding, gifting us not just a Monday but also a Friday off work.

So how do Brits tend to spend their beloved bank holidays? We asked the nation back in May as part of the QT. 45% of Brits believe bank holidays are a time to relax at home or in the garden. A similar proportion choose to spend this time with family and friends.

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t all take to the shops! Only 7% of Brits like to go shopping for DIY items, and only 6% feel that the best sales are held over these periods. Perhaps this is because 3 in 10 find travelling over the bank holiday too stressful. Anyone who has been stuck behind a caravan on the M25 can attest to that!

Activities are for 1 in 4 (25%) of Brits, heavily weather dependent! This group refuse to make plans until they see the weather forecast. And with yet another beast from the east hitting much of Britain over Easter, who can blame them?

Londoners are more adventurous than the rest of the country when it comes to the extra time off – they’re 50% more likely to use them as an opportunity to go somewhere new! 1 in 5 choose to do this, and another 1 in 5 see this precious time as an opportunity to get their life admin done.

With the next bank holiday just five weeks away – what are you planning?