Christmas is coming….

Christmas songs are playing out and the decorations are being put up.  And it’s only December 4th.
With circa 13% of all sales in the UK occurring in December (source: PCR) Christmas is the most wonderful (and stressful) time of the year.  Retailers are all too aware they need to capture a chunk of the £42bn of sales that occur, and to do this they need a winning Christmas advert.

John Lewis heralded the start of the Christmas ad season back in mid-November with Moz the Monster, followed shortly after by many of the other major UK retailers.

But we know from our ‘Untangling The Fairy-lights’ research that Christmas grocery shopping consideration doesn’t set in until December.  Therefore Friday 1st December saw the unveiling of Iceland’s Christmas adverts with an overwhelmingly positive response across social media.

Much has already been written about who’s winning the Christmas advert competition, with both positive and negative sentiment demonstrating that all brands have the opportunity to create standout with clever creative and media placements.

Iceland’s humorous view on the festive season has created organic social engagement and word of mouth, providing early positive traction in a very cluttered space.