Hot on the heels of the overindulgence of the festive period, married with the dark reality of coming back to work on a packed commute, alongside the frosty climes of January, we’ve found ourselves here at the7stars towers fetishizing lunch.

It would appear we’re not the only ones. We did a short Lightbox Pulse survey into city dwellers’ lunching habits, and found out that 1 in 3 have decided where they are going to eat by 11am. This isn’t a surprise, when you consider that over 1 in 10 eat out every single week day!

But is this just a London bubble thing? Yes, and no. Research by YouGov and the Food Standards Agency found that 1 in 10 Brits never has lunch at home – which sounds like sweet music for Pret, EAT and Itsu, but dire news for our purse strings. In fact, Horizons estimated back in 2015 that the food sector is worth £44.9bn annually – which according to the BBC comes in at £667 lunching per person, albeit an even more supersize £830 per London worker!
It is a wonder we spend so much on this meal when you consider that 52% of Londoners still take their lunch to their desk, compared with 38% of the wider population (source: VoucherCloud).

So, bearing in mind the amount we spend on it, how much we look forward to it, and how many options we have on our doorstep, from Pho to Fajitas, Fried Chicken to Fillet steak, Lightbox urges you to take yourself out for lunch, enjoy the scenery, and try something new today.

Well, maybe on payday. It’s January after all.