This weekend we saw the coming together of Duke and Duchess of Sussex Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And this Royal Wedding was all about the numbers, with a reported 28.4 million (according to the Express) turning their attentions to the ceremony and the BBC receiving its highest ratings so far this year with 13.1 million tuned in.

Twitter fans from all over the world headed off to the platform with 3.4 million tweets they just had to get off their chest – and everybody’s favourite, passionate Bishop, Michael Curry gave an unexpected kick of enthusiasm which seemed to have woken up some attendees at the ceremony and definitely warranted a staggering 40,000 related tweets a minute.

That wasn’t the only gift that was on offer; a small number of gift bags handed out at the wedding are being auctioned and can currently be found on the website eBay – with some listings reaching more than £1,000. It must’ve been a memorable occasion.

But this wonderous, magical occasion (no sarcasm intended) was not only enjoyed by the British public, but by the rest of the world. Whilst some may not agree with the high price tag of the security, one hotel really cashed in charging a staggering £7,000 to watch the wedding unfold on the TV!

In Belgium, it brought back some pre-Brexit feelings of love and unity. Bitterness did not seep into the heart of the European Commission, in fact, the Royal Wedding seems to have been a welcome distraction. So much so, that when asked by the Telegraph if Jean-Claude Juncker (President of the European Commission) would be watching the Royal Wedding and if the commission wanted to congratulate the happy couple, a Commission spokeswoman replied: “we are always happy when love is in the air”. Maybe Bishop Michael Curry was onto something and love really does conquer all!