Last Thursday was the official first day of Summer 2018. While we may not all be piling on the factor 50 just yet, our latest QT results (May 2018) certainly demonstrate that the Summer months undoubtedly give us a lot to look forward to.

Firstly, our bespoke tracking data shows that Summer is a time to discover.  3 in 5 Brits are open to the idea of trying out a new hobby in the Summer months (especially those in London), with 2 in 3 claiming they might even embark on a home improvement project. The longer days also give us time to experience. With so many cultural events to fill up our calendars, ranging from Royal Ascot to BST Hyde Park Festival, 2 in 5 Brits may find themselves at a music festival or outdoor concert in the upcoming months, and almost half claim they may watch a live sporting event in person, driven by the younger age groups. Although with a lower uptake, a third are also considering visiting an outdoor cinema, further demonstrating that Brits love to use Summer as an opportunity to widen their cultural horizons.

When we’re not busy developing our skills, improving our homes or  dabbling in culture, we’re also showing that Summer is a time to celebrate. 2 in 5 Brits may find themselves at a wedding this season, with a quarter partying the weekends away at a hen or a stag do, mostly deriving from those aged 25-34. If love isn’t in the air for our friends and family, it might be for ourselves. Indeed, a quarter of Brits claim to be open to starting a new romantic relationship over Summer.

Of course, we still find time to travel. 9 in 10 Brits are expected to enjoy a day trip with family and friends over Summer, with 3 in 5 also likely to go travelling further afield, interestingly mostly driven by the oldest age group (65+).

Whilst undoubtedly exciting, our Summer plans are also proving ]costly, with a third believing they might spend all their money during this busy season, especially parents and those in Scotland / Northern regions.  Whilst brands should make the most of Brits’ freer spirits over Summer, how can they also be a source of comfort and reassurance as we undoubtedly tighten our belts again in September?