Monday marked the return of Wimbledon, meaning for the next two weeks the world’s attention will be divided between the World Cup in Russia and London’s famous tennis tournament. But, with the tennis championship clashing with the tail end of the football, and both finals on the same day, how much attention will SW19 actually get?

In 2016 the Euro’s and Wimbledon’s men’s final shared a date but were not a direct clash; the football started at 19.00, 90 minutes after Wimbledon coverage had already ended. Nonetheless, viewing of the football, the UK’s favourite sport, surpassed Murray being crowned at Wimbledon. Murray’s glorious final averaged 9.2 million viewers compared to Portugal vs France averaging 10.2 million on BBC and an additional 1.9 million on ITV. This year however, we can expect a direct clash. Play in SW19 will start at 2.10pm, with the football hot on its heels, kicking off at 4pm. Given tennis’s long match times, the 2008 final was nearly 5 hours long, it’s very likely the two will be taking place at the same time. So, who will win the battle for attention? The traditional home tournament or will World Cup fever prevail? Based on 2016, it’s hard to see the tennis triumph, especially if England make the football final!

The hype the two are currently receiving also suggests the tennis may struggle. News of Andy Murray pulling out through injury received 16,000 tweets with a few even suggesting the Scotsman pulled a sickie to watch the England match taking place at the same time his opening fixture was set for! By comparison – we saw over 820,000 fans tweet during England vs Belgium game.

With two major sporting events grabbing the country’s attention, there is an opportunity for brands to get involved. But being a winning brand will take more than joining in just for the final moments. A great example of this are Ikea, who have used the World Cup to advertise sofa and armchair sets for when friends and family come around to watch the match together. Three, the mobile carrier also got involved with the World Cup, placing three lion emojis on their store front. Ahead of Wimbledon, Aldi has swung into action with advertising a selection of “tennis treats” including the infamous strawberries and cream with a twist. Who will win between the football and tennis and what brands fare best is unclear. Will you be grabbing a Pimms and Strawberries & Cream to watch the Wimbledon, or at your local with a pint watching the World Cup?