Easter is a worldwide tradition that falls every year and has done for thousands of years. It is ubiquitous in British culture and our school education. However, when Brits are asked what they personally associate this religious occasion with, 3 in 4 said it was about the chocolate eggs and 2 in 3 claimed it was about the bank holiday. Indeed, the religiously significant reason behind our celebrations has fallen short on many of us, with just over half correlating the festival with Jesus. Unsurprisingly, the studies revealed a generous knowledge gap among the age groups, with 70% of those age 65+ associating this weekend with the Son of God, versus just 44% of 18-24 year olds. (YouGov, 2017).

However, it appears that Brits want to make the most of the long weekend, regardless of knowledge or belief around the religious festival. Last year, 2 in 5 used the extra days off to visit family, 4 in 10 exchanged gifts (YouGov, 2017) and UK holiday makers contributed to an estimated £1.7 billion boost in the domestic tourism economy over the long weekend last year (VisitEngland, 2017). Regardless of religious persuasion, it is clear it is a time for getting out and about and celebrating with loved ones. How can brands make the most of Brits’ more active side over this festive weekend?

Religious or not, there is something for everyone to celebrate over Easter. Whether you’re one of the 9% that goes to church, or if you’re one of the 40% who will enjoy a tipple or two (YouGov,2017), brands have plenty to work with to ensure they are present and relevant over the long weekend.