Although it’s only been two months of lockdown, the Coronavirus rollercoaster has had more twists and turns than what many experience during the course of a year. To monitor this pace of change, the7stars has been making the most of our proprietary mobile panels Lightbox Pulse and AtoGenZ, enabling us to guide brands through the unknown to deliver relevant and customer- centric recommendations as each day unfolds.

After a tough April, consumers felt glimmers of hope in May; a month that presented us with greater choice in how we spend our time. May was a month for positively adapting, not wallowing, with over half of Brits admitting they were coping with this new normal better than expected (54%). So much so, only 13% of us said the Spring bank holiday was ‘much worse’ than previous years, perhaps due to fewer restrictions in place.

When lockdown regulations were eased, 23% of us planned to visit a friend or family outside, with a similar proportion intending on going outdoors to exercise more frequently. However, whilst many started to make the most of this almost-freedom pass, 45% of Brits decided they won’t be taking advantage of the new guidelines, rising to 50% among those over 45 years old.

Despite restrictions looking to ease further into June, it appears the home economy will continue to boom into the Summer. 1 in 5 spent the long weekend speaking to family and friends on the phone / video call, compared to just 1 in 10 meeting up in person.

Further, despite being given the green light to go outside to our heart’s desires, only a quarter of people got out to walk or sunbathe, compared to the 40% who decided to stay at home to cook or enjoy some DIY activities, rising to 50% among the over 55 cohort.

Although the devastation of the past couple of months should not be underestimated, our choice to stay at home reflects some positivity that lockdown has brought to us.

So much so, 3 in 4 of Brits want to keep at least some of our newly formed behaviours in the long term – Londoners are the most likely to want to keep all aspects of their new lifestyle post- Coronavirus (7% total vs 14% in London.) New habits that we’re keen to hold onto, although simplistic, are incredibly heart-warming, like cherishing time with loved ones more, putting a greater emphasis on health and well-being and spending more time outdoors.

Whilst the jury’s still out on which new habits will stick, and which will wash away, consumers will only move when they’re ready to – not when they’re told to, and brands who understand this and adapt accordingly are likely to resonate.

Further, whilst empathy shouldn’t be overlooked, now is the time for brands to start communicating more positively – we are no longer looking for sympathy and know that this too, shall pass…


Lightbox Pulse and A to Gen Z, May 2020