According to a poll of 1,170 UK adults by YouGov, the most popular resolutions for 2018 are to ‘eat better’, ‘exercise more’, and ‘spend less money’.

These 3 have consistently topped the list of resolutions the majority of people will make for the last few years running.  Yet, the old story of history repeating itself is highlighted by a piece of research by Bupa that found only half are confident they will stick to their goals.

More interesting are some of the other resolutions making the top list this year.  ‘Self care’ is #4 in the list and highlights the continued rise of focus on wellbeing and mindfulness for consumers this year.  Equally the nod towards more empathetic touchpoints with ‘learn a new skill’ at #6 and ‘make new friends’ at #8 show the positive antidote to all the trend predictions about tech taking over the world, and further demonstrate consumer desires for human connections and experiences.

The opportunity to start afresh has certainly begun in earnest, but with a year ahead of more Trump, continued Brexit negotiations, and a royal wedding there’s much to throw consumers off their goals.
Whether or not new years resolutions are stuck out til the end of the month, or carried throughout the year, we know that brands will be well served to keep their consumer close this year.