It’s been a long hot summer… – the latest findings from The QT
August has brought with it the 8th wave of our proprietary consumer tracking study – The QT. We’ve been asking Brits about everything from their happiness and comfort on income, to their current thoughts on Brexit and whether they fancy themselves a digital detox. Read on for some of our top line findings…
Brexit continues to be a key concern
32% of Brits are at this moment worried about our departure from the EU, which has remained static since we last checked in on this subject, in November 2017. Confusion has risen significantly too, with 1 in 4 (23%) of Brits now citing this as their main emotion.
Happiness about the decision is waning with only 7% of Brits delighted that we’re going, versus 12% back in May 2017.
Maybe that’s why we’re turning off?
57% of Brits feel that sometimes they need a break from technology, rising to 71% of 16-24s, and it’s no wonder. Recent research indicated we check our smartphone every 12 minutes, and the findings here speak no differently. 18% of Brits claim to actively turn off their phone on evenings or weekends. Again, no surprise, when we consider that 57% of the millennial generation feel that the lines between business and personal life are blurring because of tech.
Reasons to be cheerful though…
This summer has seen a Royal Wedding, England reach the semi-final of the World Cup, around 1m people take part in Pride in London, and we’re seeing Brits do more and more with family, friends and spontaneously as a result.
1 in 3 are spending more time with family this summer versus last, 1 in 5 exercising more and the same proportion taking more day trips to take in the good weather and good vibes.
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