The7Stars SEO Team attended Brighton SEO last week, and we consumed our share of valuable information, comical memes and delicious cold refreshments (gin). For those who weren’t fortunate enough to attend, or if you’ve not heard of The Twitter™, we thought we would take you through some of the highlights in 140 characters or less.
Read on for our top tweets from the day…
10 – 8: The Funny Tweets
10. The Pub Trap:
@ChrisLDyson sums up the main temptation of the day. Of course there is drinking, while we do not want to cheat on Brighton SEO too much.

9. Embracing the Day:
@TheTechOff captures those who get a bit carried away. Full marks for committing to their outfits.

8. We Start Young:
@staceycav has her son in training to take over the family dynasty already.

7-6: The OMG Stats Tweets
7. The New Dream?:
@SophieAHollands reminds us just how much aspirations have changed in the digital age…

6. Nerdy Time:
@aysunakarsu nails it with something that SEO people cannot resist: doing dorky things with stats, always.

5. Who, what & where?:
@jlhdigital scares us while flagging the fact that the future is Voice… Seriously though, that is nearly 1 in 3!

4-2: The Vital Info Tweets
4. The Future Really is Voice:
@ronan_henderson leaves the jokes behind, and lets us know how to compete in Voice Search

3. Getting Serious About YouTube:
@DoriaAdigoun focuses our minds on why we are here. Ranking factors help us to map out our strategies.

2. Cross Channel Collaboration:
@brightonseo promotes a useful reminder that PR and SEO work together, and that not everyone has a bottomless pit of money…

1. The Official Winner:
@steviephil. It’s the sheer thrill in the tweet that makes it stand out, combined with genuinely useful information. First, I laughed, then I made a mental note, and that’s Brighton SEO all over.