February signals the latest wave of our consumer tracking study, the QT. We’ve been delving into how Brits are feeling this side of New Year – and it’s truly a mixed bag!

We’re not as happy as November.
Only 37% of Brits said they were happier than this time last year, versus 41% in November. 1 in 5 (19%) claimed to be less happy than in February 2017, and this is 5%pts higher than November.
Maybe it’s because we’re all a bit less financially liquid. In November 21% felt comfortable on their current disposable income, declining to 16% of Brits this month. Christmas must have hit the coffers hard!
Regardless of how we’re feeling right now, this isn’t evident in our intentions to spend across several big-ticket categories this year. A 3%pt increase in those planning to spend more on white goods than last year. 20% will spend more on holidays and 16% more on short breaks than in 2017.
That could be because 1 in 3 already have a destination in mind – this proportion of Brits choose where they’re into first, and then research in more depth. Only 16% are led by their budget. 1 in 10 are creatures of habit, booking at the same time every year.

We’ve lost our confidence as a nation – a continuing trend from late 2017.
If we look year on year at levels of confidence in the government, we see that this has eroded by 5%pts – now 18%. Confidence in brands is also lower than it was a year ago, with 28% of Brits feeling confident in companies and brands, versus 32% in February 2017.

However, the year’s sporting calendar is a chance to galvanise the nation.
Half of Brits (51%) will do something to celebrate the FIFA World Cup in Russia, and the same proportion plan to watch, bet or talk about Wimbledon this year too.
Interest in the Commonwealth Games and Grand National is more muted, but a quarter of Brits claim they’ll be tuning in to watch each of these major events. For bookmakers, the Aintree classic remains the biggest draw. 19% of Brits claim they’ll have a flutter this year, versus only 1 in 10 on the FA Cup final or Royal Ascot.

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