The Challenge

In 2021, we implemented a comprehensive advertising strategy for CoppaFeel!, incorporating big-screen AV, high-impact OOH, Audio, and Social formats. However, we encountered a specific challenge following the initial Know Yourself campaign: a gap between raising campaign awareness and prompting consumer action. To further connect with our target audience, we needed to focus on two key objectives: generating interest and capturing attention.

Our Approach

The Brief

Through extensive research on Charity and Cause case studies, we discovered that driving interest would have the most significant impact on consumer action. Our approach involved storytelling to evoke empathy and emotional response. Additionally, we aimed to captivate our audience’s attention to increase brand recall and strengthen their relationship with the brand. To achieve this, we recognized the importance of using video in high-impact environments.

What we did

We devised a BVOD (Broadcaster Video On Demand) strategy similar to the 2021 Know Yourself campaign, with placements on Sky Short Form NBCU content and All4. Our targeting focused on 18-24-year-old females with a high propensity to donate to charity. We secured ad placements during popular shows such as Gogglebox, Bake Off, and Taskmaster, utilizing our most effective 20″ asset.

In addition, we strategically ran ads during key moments throughout the summer on All4’s celebration of 50 years of Pride, including Pride specials of their top shows and films in July. We also capitalized on the success of Love Island Summer and Winter, ensuring our ad received significant exposure in one of the top-performing shows for females aged 16-34.

Recognizing TikTok’s strong presence and engagement among Gen Z audiences, we utilized this platform to complement our high-impact video approach, employing 10″ and 30″ videos.

To expand our reach even further, we collaborated with Supernova to partner with LADbible and Lawless Studios, leveraging their influencer network to create user-generated content (UGC) in response to the question, “What does your chest feel like?”. As part of the LADbible content partnership, TYLA (The Youth Lab) developed a “Signs & Symptoms of Breast Cancer” carousel, which they promoted across their social channels.

We further amplified our campaign by collaborating with Lawless Studios artist Molly Hankinson. Molly painted a large, vibrant mural in East London for two weeks. The mural showcased individuals of all genders, body types, and sizes, incorporating the authentic feelings expressed in the UGC content generated by the LADbible influencers. Molly shared the mural and its underlying message with her social media followers, including a 1-minute hero video produced by Lawless Studios. This initiative garnered additional awareness for the CoppaFeel! campaign.

The Results

We achieved over 20 million impressions (+14% compared to the initial plan), reaching 7.8 million individuals. Across AV and social platforms, we generated 16.5 million video views.

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