Our Instagram feeds are soon to be bombarded with flower headbands and glitter (and wellies if we’re thinking about the UK), which can only mean that festival season is upon us, and it was kicked off this weekend with perhaps the biggest of them all – the first weekend of Coachella.

Despite few of us Brits being able to pop to California and be in attendance (unless you had thousands of pounds to spare) we were still excited for and and talking about the first Coachella weekend – over 20,000 tweets were generated between 12th-15th April on the topic (Crimson Hexagon, 2018).

Not only were we talking about it, thanks to YouTube’s live festival stream we could watch it in real-time too (Coachella.com, 2018). This is the eighth year that the platform had the rights to exclusively stream a range of performances from the festival, meaning you’d be hard pushed to find it anywhere else.

On the Coachella YouTube channel users could watch one of four different feeds and/or create a personalised viewing schedule. This exciting feature enabled users to pick their own line up of live acts they wanted to watch, and the stream automatically switched to these when they were happening (Billboard, 2018).

All content was accessible on mobiles, computers and TVs, meaning that no matter where you were you could watch as much Coachella as you wanted, eliminating as much FOMO as possible.

So, if you felt like you were missing out this year try to remember it for next, as the feature won’t be available for the second weekend of the festival (20th-22nd of April).