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Introducing ‘Prospero’: Our New Transparent Programmatic Trading Solution

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At the7stars, we are thrilled to unveil our latest offering – Prospero, a fully transparent programmatic trading solution designed to address the challenges faced by the industry. In a time where excessive technology, data, and management fees are prevalent, Prospero aims to revolutionise the way programmatic activation is approached.

According to the recent programmatic supply chain report by PwC, only a small fraction, £0.65p per pound, is spent on media, with even less allocated to high-quality publishers. We believe that this is far from satisfactory, which is why we have developed Prospero – a fully managed and transparent model that significantly reduces the proportion of your budget spent on unnecessary technology and data fees.

With Prospero, our focus is on investing the majority of your media spend in premium inventory within high-quality, impactful environments across various formats, including CTV, DOOH, Digital Audio, Digital Video, and Digital Display. We aim to maximise the effectiveness of your campaigns by ensuring your message reaches the right audience in the most engaging ways.

To achieve our vision, we have partnered with Hawk as our technology provider. Hawk has proven expertise in facilitating our approach to digital activation, emphasising full transparency, effectiveness, value, and trust. By collaborating with Hawk, we can deliver a seamless and streamlined experience for our clients, ensuring that the core values of Prospero are upheld.

Managing Prospero campaigns is an integrated team consisting of digital planners and programmatic activation specialists. This team brings together a wealth of expertise to provide strategic decision-making, including media supply selection, format recommendation, and audience application. Additionally, experienced programmatic traders execute and optimise campaign activities, ensuring that your campaigns deliver the desired results.

We are excited about the opportunities Prospero brings to our clients. By leveraging this transparent programmatic trading solution, you can expect greater control over your media spend, improved targeting capabilities, and a stronger presence in premium environments.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and provide solutions that drive success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

New look for the Guardian

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The Guardian has decided to join the rest of us this January in a bid to get both smaller and save money with their long anticipated move to tabloid. With Monday’s launch feeling a little flat it appears they might be sticking to dry January too.

There are quite a few positives for readers; the new pink washed Journal section which is full of opinions, letters and great thinking will be a much loved section for Guardian loyalists.  The 20 page sport section is absolutely brimming with brilliant journalism – particularly around Liverpool’s rampant win at City.  The synergy of look and feel across all of their platforms has also landed well across print, web and mobile, although I have to say, I miss the blue mast head (I understand that the colour blue may carry a premium at Trinity Mirror’s print works).

The move to Berliner was embraced by audiences and whilst 12 years is a relatively small period of time in the history of the longstanding paper, readers will be nervous about the move.  However, with a total pagination up to ninety six pages long, readers will not be left short changed by lack of content, and with the presumed increase in ad sites available, I assume The Guardian will be able to balance the advertising sales loss of premium outside back page and front page strip formats.

Logistical considerations aside, with Saturdays edition of the Guardian significantly higher than weekdays and the newly revamped Saturday package boasting a total of five new sections, (including Review, Travel and Feast supplements), I feel that they could have waited and launched with a bigger bang this weekend and really made an impact.