For many years media agencies (and before them, full-service advertising agencies) have used their total volumes to extract additional value from media vendors for the benefit of their clients.

Advertisers hire media agencies in part because of their specialist ability to negotiate the best prices from media owners on their behalf, thus ensuring the best possible value for their budgets.

If the agency is able to enter negotiations with a hand containing all of the budgets at the agency’s disposal, it increases its clout, strengthens its position, and maximises the value it is able to obtain on behalf of all of its clients.

What Could Be Simpler?

If the buying and selling of media worked openly, transparently and was always undertaken in the sole best interest of those ultimately paying for the advertising (the client) it would indeed be simple.

But, sadly the workings of the media market-place have become increasingly convoluted and complex over time. This has led advertiser trade bodies in a number of markets to question whether buys are indeed always made in the best interest of the advertiser paying for them.

This White Paper seeks to explain some of the more important ins and outs of media trading. It’s been written to try to explain to our advertisers how the market is today, and how it got here. We also aim to lay out our principles on trading and the thinking behind these principles to those who know us less well.

At the7Stars We Believe:
• That our clients should be our sole source of income.
• That our clients should be fully informed as to the deals we do. It’s your money we’re spending and we think you should know everything about how it’s being spent.
• Deals should only benefit the client not us as an agency.
• That it should not just be the size of the client’s budget that drives the value achieved.
• In always seeking out new and valuable deal opportunities for all of our clients, regardless of size.

Download the full paper HERE.